I’ve always been slow,
Sometimes high, sometimes low;
I’ve always been lost,
Sometimes in present, sometimes in past;
I’ve always been late,
Sometimes in work, sometimes in fate;
I’ve always been rough,
Sometimes in manners, sometimes in other stuff.

People call me lazy,
Friends call me crazy;
Others call me insane,
But none of them knows the pain.

I’ve been through worse,
When I was out of words;
I’ve travelled through time,
To search for perfect rhyme;
I’ve scratched every stone,
In hope, when I was alone;
I’ve seen false things,
To experience the strength it brings;
I’ve heard many lies,
To spot the truth in disguise.

But now it’s enough, too much I already had,
Now it’s my time, it’s my time to stand;
To all who call me crazy, to all who call me tough,
Soon you’ll find that inside, I ain’t that rough;
A new face I present, a new character I project,
Your jaws will drop, your eyes will pop, in coming time I expect;
Watch me touch the sky with the colours of rainbow seven,
Admire me flying high from the core till heaven;
Yes! I have an attitude, and it’s not falling free,
As I know my limits well, you dare not mess with me;
I suffered time lag, and fell from great height,
But NOW IT’S MY TIME…’s my time to FIGHT…….!!!

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