We face many situations,
And go through modificatiions,
We create different emotions,
From all the silence and the commotions,
To write what we feel about this world now and then,
There’s a metal that carves the paper, the tip of ROYAL PEN.

A tip that never breaks,
Always motivates,
An ink that never fades,
Always cooperates,
A metal that never squeaks,
Remains silent yet speaks,
A shape that holds your grip,
Never lets you slip.

A cap that envelops your thoughts,
A click that alarms at your stops,
A spring that brings you back,
A core that marks your track,
A name that reflects your shade,
A logo that admires your trade.

Of all that we percieve,
When we write, we believe,
Of all that we write,
When we see, brings us to light,
All that we ask about why, how and when,
There’s a colour that marks the paper, the ink of ROYAL PEN.

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