1) "Falling is embarrassing when rising becomes a curse...!" 2) "He who says and never acts, is no more a human....!" 3) "Behind every broken promise there's a story even more painful than breaking the promise....!" 4) "When you make judgements about someone's life or character, just keep in mind that the person you are … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES#10


1) "You are never wrong; you are just deviated from your own line of sight...!" 2) "Smile at your failures so gracefully that even failure fails to comment on your success...!!" 3) "When scars on your face forget to shine, make your smile so simple and divine....that your mind tells you...THAT'S FOREVER MINE...!!" 4) "Be … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #9


1) "Crazy are not people, crazy are not words; crazy are the minds that make others realize about the values that can never be otherwise understood by normal minds....!!" 2) "People say many things; not all of them are worth listening, but all of them are worth questioning....! Question everything!" 3) "Paths change, people change, … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #8