10th Blogoversary – A Decade of Writing

Today, August 21, marks proud 10 years to my blog. I have never been more thankful to have made this decision of connecting myself with the world by sharing my thoughts, feelings and way of looking at life, through this amazing, easy-to-use platform. When I started writing my first post on this blog, I neither imagined nor expected that I’d come this far. And today, with over 235 posts, 61000 views, and a decade full of experiences, here I am celebrating 10 proud years of blogging.

All time stats

I started off with amateur skills in language, communication, and very little imagination but gradually started developing my skills as my mind broadened with new limits, unique perspectives, and over time, I witnessed some of the unexplored areas of creativity being unfolded. Started with poetry, I gradually started writing what I felt or strongly felt about things around me, which slowly turned into well-structured write-ups that hit the reader’s imagination hard enough to leave a lasting impact. Poems became more meaningful, as I learned new skills of placing words just where they fit in. I received a lot of interesting comments from my readers which I really appreciate as they helped me grow better with each post.

Later on, I started moving more towards social media platforms and didn’t quite have much attention to this space. But I keep coming back here to send out my ideas to everyone who needs it and reads it. Although I didn’t recieve much attention over the last few years, but I enjoyed my journey and that’s the most important part.

The pandemic has been covering the entire world under its chaos and we have adapted to this new lifestyle. While some people cower behind this excuse or complain about what they aren’t getting out of this new lifestyle, there are others who have effectively and positively turned this crisis into opportunity. I decided to step into the latter, by setting a milestone for publishing my first book a month ago. Do check my post My First Book: Uncurled Emotions, in case you missed it.

That being said, just like every year on this day, WordPress puts a smile on my face by sending their best wishes on completing another year. This year, it was more special because it’s now a decade old relationship.

10 year anniversary on WordPress

That’s all for today! With great gratitude and much appreciation for all my readers, I wish you all happy and healthy days ahead!

See you in the next post.

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