My First Book: Uncurled Emotions

Uncurled Emotions: Rhymes from an Entangled Mind

I was just writing another quote for my instagram page when I received a pop-up on my smartphone. There was a message regarding getting my work published at an affordable price. For a few seconds, I was interested but then it seemed like I wasn’t ready for this… yet. Few days later, a received a message from the same person, this time, it was with first come first serve offer. Now, it became more interesting. Although, I didn’t have the manuscript ready yet, I started talking to her and asked about the details. To the end of our conversation, I agreed to get my work recognized by becoming the author of my very first book, which I titled as Uncurled Emotions. Thanks to Priya’s Wisdom Publications for providing their amazing writing services and Notion Press for getting my work published.

Call it a sign, or just a random message, I just went for it. And after spending a week on preparing manuscript, I sent it for to the publishers for review and final publishing. Today, I proudly present my first book now available on Amazon India. Why this title, you may ask! Well, I believe human emotions are best expressed in the form of poetry, where words shield the hidden meanings behind their shadows, for the reader to shed light on. Everyone feels differently about what’s written in the poem. In a way, it’s just like watching at a piece of art or a painting and drawing your own interpretation of it. Uncurled, because most of the times, we curl ourselves into our feelings when we should actually let them out by uncurling ourselves out of them. The title justifies the very purpose behind me writing poetry – to speak out that which I probably may not do, had I been in an actual conversation.

The book is available on Notion Press Bookstore. Check below link to order.


Order your copy now and leave your feedback in the Amazon reviews section and in the comment section below. Thanks for your support 🙂

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