Camouflaged Reality

Look around you. What do you see? Do you see that big billboard with an eye-catching advertisement? Of course you do. It’s meant for this purpose. But do you see the pale lifeless tree under it? Although you walk past right it most often, you didn’t notice it. Now if you studied an article about trees and their changing colours over different seasons, you will start noticing the tree. Until you started looking for it, you didn’t see it. It’s not as if this tree suddenly presented itself out of nowhere. It was already there but to you, it was camouflaged with other things that you don’t bother to see everyday, unintentionally of course.

Everything around seems camouflaged into the surroundings unless you are looking for something specifically. And when I say looking, I mean really looking, with all your attention. You might have seen a moth sitting on a tree bark. Well, if it is Hypomecis roboraria, then you couldn’t have. Because this species of moth mimics it surroundings so well that it becomes almost invisible to the naked eye while it sits on the bark of an oak tree. Unless you are specifically looking for it, you won’t see it.

Have you ever wondered that when you start seeking answers only then they appear and not before? Do you believe that the things we want in life are already there but we see them only when we want them? Have you experienced such moments where knowledge to an entirely new domain, which was earlier unknown to you, suddenly starts unfolding when you start looking for answers in that direction?

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here. Let me share some of my experiences to make the picture a little more profound. Nearly 10 years ago, I started on a path of enlightenment where I practiced meditation for the overall improvement of my emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

Before I started my journey inwards, toward the deeper layers of my own existence, I knew nothing of what I am, who I am and why am I here. I started with no prior knowledge. I just knew how to breathe slowly. As I kept on practising daily, I was hit with new questions very often. Seeking the answers to those questions, allowed me to see answers which were already there but not visible unless I allowed myself to receive. And as I opened myself to receive, I gained knowledge that I never had before. The deeper I dived, the more the questions, and the more I could see.

Now, since I was getting better with understanding the ways of the universe and the life immersed, connected and interwoven into it, I was not doing so well with my physical well-being. And so nearly one and a half years ago, I started my journey of fitness and physical well-being. I started going to gym for daily workout, and eventually gained awareness of the food I eat, how to build stamina, and the best of all I gained the knowledge about things I never knew before, like importance of different varieties of food, variations in exercises, and role of will power, perseverance, dedication, etc. in moulding myself to become healthier and more active.
Same like earlier, I was unaware of the things related to diet, exercises, stamina, and role of will power in building myself. As I started getting into it more and more, I learned many things that helped me shape myself to a better version of me. Before all this, the world of fitness was camouflaged with everything else that I didn’t know about, but now I see the same thing but much clearer.

Think of it like a wall painted with some Graffiti in your locality. You see that wall everyday on your way to work or home but you never paid much attention to it. Some day, you developed interest in different forms of graphics art and you started learning more and more about them. Now when you walk in front of that wall, you won’t just see it, you will pay attention to it and maybe even admire it. Never before you did that. Why? Because the Graffiti art was nearly invisible to you. You didn’t had the awareness about art back then, and so it always seemed to be kept at the background, seemingly camouflaged. But now when you have the knowledge and awareness of what art is, you see the reality amidst the camouflage for what it really is. So what changed? Nothing. Only the perspective.

It’s only when we intend to find, does it become found.

Varun K. Sharma

Things don’t come to you by themselves, you have to at least try in that direction to make them yours. Only when you start looking for something specifically, will you see it clearly. Otherwise, it will remain blurred, out of focus, lost in the background, or maybe right in front of you but hidden in plain sight and merged with surroundings. Maybe it’s just become ………. a camouflaged reality!

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