Are you asleep yet?

Have you closed your eyes yet? Are you asleep? Have you really ever slept?

You might be wondering why I’m asking such questions, but it’s a straightforward question more or less. After working whole day and getting home exhausted, you finally find your resting place where comfort and peace sit silently waiting to hug you tight and leave your worries aside. But are you really comfortable, or are you actually at peace? As you close your eyes, a gush of thoughts come to your mind. Some of them are about things from the same day, some are memories of the distant past, and some of them are merely feelings engulfing you deeper and deeper into their hollowness. Not all of them are bad ones, some of them are happy thoughts glowing with positive light and passion but these are thoughts nonetheless; which you don’t want right now because you want to close your eyes to sleep.

So, tell me honestly, you have closed your eyes, but are you asleep? 

Do you ever question your actions, or your habits, or do you think you are always right? Do you believe in something, or do you pray, or do you simply take everything for granted? It is said that eyes are windows to the world, but when you close them, do you see the other side – the inner side?

It has been hours since you closed your eyes but are you asleep yet? The world inside seems darker because there is no light entering your eyes, but you still see something. Is this how it should be when you go to sleep? Heart rate pacing up and slowing down. Brain is too busy with thoughts one after the other. Who’s in control you don’t know for sure.

Are you asleep yet or is it all just a vivid dream? Well, true or not, you’ve got to open your eyes!

One thought on “Are you asleep yet?

  1. Haha! Just by the first question I knew… Yes, yes that’s me since childhood. I have never slept. I envy those people who get to fall asleep into a deep slumber just in few mins after that lay down. Lol. Because I never been lucky enough to get that. Except for few exceptional days.

    So I can totally connect with this blog’s every line.

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