The Other Chapters

When I started blogging, I was very excited to share my experiences through this platform. Over the years, I improved not only in communication but also in expressing my feelings, describing my experiences and streamlining my efforts to explain things from a different perspective, my perspective. Over time, I explored the hidden chapters of my mind and came up with very interesting new ideas growing. I started writing innovative poetry in English and later on in Hindi. And then as I realized I can play with words much better now, I started writing quotes. At the beginning I used to write on my Facebook profile, not much frequently though. The response was good but could have been better. Then I found another online platform which was based on posting quotes online, called YourQuote.

Gradually, my activity on WordPress became low and I invested more time on other social platforms. But now it’s time to connect all of them and merge them into a common space. But before that let’s go back to 2016 when I started a new idea of posting quotes online.

It was 3rd September 2016 when I posted my first quote on YourQuote.

Find Passion in whatever you do, or you will be trapped in the room of boredom!

The response was not that good since YourQuote was recently started and I didn’t have enough followers then. In August 2018, I re-branded and re-named my blog to My Mind’s Journal and created a new Instagram Business Profile (and a linked Facebook Page) under the same name. It was a good move considering that this new name justifies the content more appropriately. On 23rd August 2018, I posted my first quote on Instagram page.

Do not bear the pain, learn to tame it to your own benefit!

This post became quite popular among my friends and followers. And on 28th January 2019, I started Daily Quotes updates on my instagram and whatsapp business profiles. Today, my Instagram page My Mind’s Journal has 156 posts, where a new quote is posted every day. Although, I’m the only one managing this account, I’m happy and proud that I’m able to deliver quality content on daily basis without fail. It has become part of my daily routine. Have a look at some of my favourite quotes, written by me 😉

The numbers are still growing, and I’m not going to be out of motivation or out of words any sooner. So, if you like the quotes shown above, feel free to check out my Instagram Page and Facebook Page. Follow and get daily motivational quotes in your feed. Links posted below:

My Mind’s Journal (Instagram)

My Mind’s Journal (Facebook)

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time with some more ideas and experiences to share.

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