Darkness around us!

Darkness. Do you face it every now and then? Sometimes, in moments of great joy, a sudden gust of wind passes through you. And suddenly everything goes dark, as if it was like that long ago! Ever tried to understand where does this wave come from, every now and then? Well, I do have a theory.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a big shell. Inside this shell, you have loads of material things, thoughts, imagination, ideas, concepts, learnings, skills, and almost anything else you can relate to. But outside this shell, you have complete darkness. Darkness keeps on making efforts to penetrate the walls of the shell but you are so busy with all sort of ‘things’ inside the shell that it doesn’t find a way to do so. Until one day, something happens that drives your attention towards darkness and so it finds a way to enter your shell. You create a bridge for darkness to travel through. And even though you are still surrounded by all sort of ‘things’ that matter, darkness is all you see for now. And so comes the gust of wind that passes through you.

Darkness is not something that exists, its the absence of everything that exists. It is the absence of clarity, or the absence of hope, or the absence of light, positivity, determination, purpose, kindness, etc. When we don’t see things clearly, darkness tries to take over. It’s similar to saying that an atom that loses electron, becomes positively charged because the seat of electron, which contains negative charge, is now vacant. In short, absence of electron makes atom positively charged. It’s not something it takes from the surroundings, it’s just the absence.

The whole point is, that we are always surrounded by darkness, but our daily chores, routines, thoughts, ideas, imagination, hobbies, simple acts of kindness and love, keep darkness at bay. The moment we draw attention towards something dark, or the moment we lose clarity about something, darkness finds a way to penetrate that shell and bridge towards us. Each of us have faced such dark times at some point in our lives. There is no comparison between one or the other. There is no question of ‘how much’. Although, we are all surrounded by darkness, it is our actions, our deeds, our thoughts, determination that generates a fire strong enough to light up everything around us and allow us to see things clearly, as they once were. That light is inside all of us. But how to ignite that fire and bring out that light is what we need to learn. Because in times of darkness, what we decide to do, really matters.

And what if I tell you that Darkness is the origin of all creation….well, let’s do this for another time then! Till then, stay occupied, stay busy, stay inside the shell, who knows what might be lurking outside those creepy walls!

One thought on “Darkness around us!

  1. Sometimes we tend to lose those reasons or things which helped us fight and not be absorbed in that darkness around us. Its when you decide not to feel anymore. Feel nothing so darkness doesn’t consume you.

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