Beautiful Life !

The sun sets in the west,
Goes yellow to orange to red,
It’s way of telling the world,
That it’s time to go to bed!

River flows downstream,
With melodious splashing sound,
Together with refreshing green,
It’s the beauty nowhere to be found!

Birds and animals live in balance,
The strong defeats the weak,
Even a new born baby bird,
Knows how to use its beak!

People are becoming smart,
Things going smarter,
Issues and complains are replacing,
Joy, satisfaction and laughter!

People killing people,
Bodies harassed and used,
Minds are corrupted,
Even kindness sounds rude!

To what we all face,
In this cycle of existence called “life”,
We keep moving on,
On the sharp edge of knife,
With miracles, wonders, coincidences,
This is beautiful life!!

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