When my mind wanders!

Wandering mind

I look around and see people running; from what, or towards what, I have no idea! But they are running, probably out of time, as they always say. Or maybe running from something they did and maybe couldn’t face. Bags on their shoulders, money in their pockets, watches on their wrists, nice colourful clothes, different styles, but no smile on their faces. Aren’t they happy? Well, maybe they are, but too busy with their daily chores that they don’t get time to express themselves that efficiently. Everyone’s looking for something, always on the run for a treasure hunt. From the crowd of millions, I’m unable to identify the minds that follow their dreams. Maybe I lack the ability to see or maybe there really aren’t enough.

Cars honking, traffic lights glowing, roads jammed, highways busy, trains full, where is everybody going? Where are they headed to?
What motivates them to follow their routine? What would happen if they stop for a while?  Do they really want to do what they are doing, or are they told to do so? How can one not follow his heart! What or who forces them to stand in line and wait!

I listen to the whispers around and hear more complains and less appreciation. When life’s every decision is theirs to make, then why can’t they hold themselves responsible for where they are! Why do they keep complaining if that doesn’t bring a smile on their faces? What good does it bring! Why complain for something for which you are the only one who’s responsible!

Money is never enough, still they need more! What’s the purpose of “Just-keep-on-saving-and-use-no-more” methodology! Why live for future when earning is for now! Why miss the present, when future is uncertain, unpredictable!

Can dreams be bought? Or can they be sold? I lose myself when I see all these things around everyday. But when I stop and think about myself, I often think if I am running too; if I am the same or different? Do I belong to the crowd or do I stand out? Have I, too, sold my dreams? I guess not!!

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