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“……so here I am, sitting at the window of my room on second floor with one foot hanging down; and another foot straight ahead, resting on the stone finished window shelf. What do I see? Oh, I see people walking on the road just beneath my hanging foot. Some are walking on foot while some others traveling through auto rickshaws, private cars and bikes. Where are they going? I simply don’t have any idea but yes, there’s one thing I know and that is they are all going to EARN. They are carrying themselves ahead to earn their identity, ego, respect, time and money. It’s 12:20 am and people are still moving their feet and swaying their hands, walking in faded yellow light with dark black bands in between. A person dressed in his office formals with his shirt only a little tucked inside and rest hanging freely from all sides and trousers glooming with muddy water stain near the ankle, walking on the road. As he moves through the dark band, he disappears and then as he comes to light, he as well as others, start perceiving him.

…….so here I am, still sitting at the same window and in same posture but with different perspective this time. This time I’m observing myself, my posture, my location, my activity. The foot hanging down now seems to be immobile as it was trying to crush the ego of people. The other foot that was held straight and parallel now becomes restless as it needs to “move” in order to make a change in the posture. My back is aching as I’m putting a lot of strain on it to hold my position and stabilize my posture. My eyes are changing their focus discretely from objects to subjects capturing the tiny details and the big picture at the same time. I’m smiling because I’m enjoying what I see! Many thoughts rushing in my mind, stable and numerous, but amazing!

…….so here I am, moving to my study table which looks so messy that I can’t even find what I’m looking for! I’m looking for some “space” to keep my laptop so that I can write something; something that’s going in my mind for so long. There’s a book lying beside my table on the window shelf which I’m definitely not interested in! A study lamp glowing gently but the light is not as beautiful and divine as that of the moon which is clearly visible from the glass window of my room. As I see the moon, my eyes fall on the glass window where I see a faded reflection of my own.

…….so here I am, in the present moment, aware of my being; knowing that whatever I sense or perceive in this world around me is just a projection of what I believe!! I’m here in the NOW, very well aware of the truth that we are all beings of energy currently vibrating at lower frequencies which gives us THIS shape. I’m aware of my surroundings, and I can feel the pulse of nature in my own heart as if we are connected!”

The person I mentioned in the first paragraph was no one else but ME; going through dark band where no one could see me including myself and then coming to light so that the world can perceive me by having a better look. The changing of posture signifies adapting to the changing environment that no longer supports me. One foot becomes immobilized due to the heavy weight of ego it carries! Another foot that moves signifies that action is always needed to bring the change. My back aching signifies that I’m ready to adjust according to the new changes. Eyes watching various kinds of objects and subjects signify that I’m learning from what I sense around. The study table is my world and laptop is my idea. I need to make space in this messy world in order to place my idea in it. The book I’m not interested in refers to the ways and rules of the world that limit my knowledge and possibilities as well as my reach. The contrast between the lights of study lamp and the moon is a direct comparison between the elements of materialistic and natural worlds. Whereas study lamp provides me light to work, the moon provides me light to inspire and therefore, to LIVE. My own reflection in the glass window is a symbolism of merging a part of me to this world. The last paragraph tells about the unique idea I believe in! It tells about the REALITY in which I live!

……so here I am, making a conversation with the world that we EXIST only in the present moment; there is no past, no future; there is just NOW. A single object can be perceived through different perspectives but ultimately the REALITY, which is built on the strong foundations of one’s beliefs, remains the same! The world may seem strange to you sometimes, but if you want to change the world, I suggest changing your perspective!!

“That what you see becomes your fact; that what you experience becomes your belief. Facts are logical, undeniable, but unstable whereas beliefs are flexible, changeable, and stable. It’s better to lay the foundations of beliefs that can be changed with time and experience than to rely on facts which are always considered valid without questioning or doubt.”

© Varun K. Sharma

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