december-21-2012 Hello world! Today is 21st December 2012 – the day of change!! There are many theories that support the fact that TODAY is the doomsday; the end of the world as we know it. But here I am, writing this post on this very day, ALIVE and CONSCIOUS. Not even a scratch magically appeared on my skin, nor did the ground fall beneath my feet. Nothing!!! But something happened; something is about to happen on this day! I’m not concerned about what scientists have to say on the basis of their astronomical observations or what priests have to say on the basis of their faiths and beliefs or what philosophers have to claim about their theories and proofs. I’m simply concerned about what really there is! And that depends upon what I believe because my reality is the result of my beliefs. And in my reality, the PRESENT moment is all that really exists. There is no past, there is no future; these are all the creations of my mind. The reality is NOW!

21-December-2012-THE-END-postnoon-news-435x292“An asteroid, or to be more specific, an unknown planet X is approaching towards earth at very high velocity. And it’s going to strike our planet exactly on 21st December 2012. The unexpectedly huge solar activity is going to change or twist the earth’s magnetic field, thereby causing geological shift on our planet; and that too predicted to occur on 21st December 2012. Mayan’s calendar clearly shows that the last day of human era is going to be 21st December 2012.” And there are many other proofs and evidences that can’t be ignored. All these evidences point towards a single day and a single prediction – the doomsday! The end of us all!!

But there’s one good thing that I’ve learned so well in my life till now, and that is “to never stop questioning!” So here’s my question: “what if the interpretations of all these evidences are wrong? Or what if only a few of these evidences are ‘actually’ interpreted and the rest are just derived from these evidences?”

Well, who knows!!! The stories of finding and collecting the evidences have always been kept secret from us. We just know the HEADLINES that suddenly pop up on our information screens out of nowhere. And then, there are theories, claims, predictions, possibilities, probabilities, news, comments, debates, and all those things that can twist your frame of mind and force you to believe what they want you to! As a part of this world, I have the right to express myself and convey my message to the world.

The story of doomsday is now a fairy tale, because if it had been true, then you would not have been reading this article. TODAY is the day of change, the day of transformation, the day of a new beginning. It’s the beginning of a new civilization – a civilization of awakened people.

consciousness_shift_21_dec_2012-16269721st December 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era of humanity, where we all are going to witness the change – both internal and external. If you take a look around, there is a change going on at all levels. From technology to human behaviour to lifestyle, everything is changing. But TODAY, the energy that controls these changes will shift its level. The energy that binds us and keeps us alive will start vibrating at a higher frequency. And this will lead to changes in behaviour of people. There may or may not be physical or physiological changes at higher level but it is quite expected that there may be transformation of human DNA. The shifting of energy to higher frequency may result in mutation of genes and thus activation of new genes which may lead to change in behaviour, emotions, reactions, thoughts, and therefore the consciousness. Yes! This is the consciousness shift, not the continental drift! There will not be any displacement of continents, as you are told. This day will bring mark the beginning of an interesting phenomenon – the shift in consciousness. People will become more aware of their inner and outer worlds. The coming year 2013, will be the year of many small and big changes. You’ll witness the change right in front of you. It’s a mass spiritual awakening. But it will not happen in just one day; it will take time. Love will cover the world with its pure and true colours. This is not something to be expressed in words; you will feel the change as it comes. And it’s coming to you soon enough!

awakeningIf there are people out there who have already begun experiencing the change, just know that “you are not alone”. There might be strange things happening to you; things you don’t know how to express. Don’t worry; this is just a phase, IT WILL PASS. You are in the phase of spiritual evolution! Be patient and flow with the change.

On this day, let’s make a resolution to be together in love, to LIVE IN LOVE. If some natural disaster is on its way, and if we can do nothing to prevent it, then it’s better not to think about it and pass every minute in panic and worry. Live each day as if it is your last day. And remember, each one of you is special; each one of you is different and unique. And you all deserve to be loved!

Let’s celebrate this new beginning!

Happy 12.21.12


  1. Awesome update as always varun!!!! Um totally energized n charged up to face d upcoming change after reading this update of yours!! Um awakened! Thanks to you!! So proud to have a best friend cm sibling lyk u..! Reading ur updates make me feel contented! God bless!!!

  2. Simply wonderful post… very true its gonna bring a change in our life.. though i haven’t experienced any yet 😛
    but hoping for a positive one for sure very soon. Enjoy the new life.. keep rocking and blogging.

  3. Yes…this is the consciousness shift, not the continental drift !!
    Beautifully written. The time has, for the change to take place, for the human to realize his biggest power…humanity !
    Thumbs up for this.

  4. A great post Varun, The time of New beginnings is so right on.. in this new era of Energies which will shape our New Earth … Let us all of us contribute by sending out our love and healing thoughts for The New Dawn to enlighten us further still upon our Journey of discovery here upon our Earth Mother…

    Many thanks for following Dreamwalkers my friend.. and wishing you A Joyous Season of Love and Light but above all Peace in your heart ..

    Sue ~Dreamwalker

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