This is a guest post from a friend of mine. It highlights the various spheres of life enlightening the experiences connected to it. It personifies the various situations of our life and shows the way life loses its balance and then stands back on its feet with the power of strong will and hope.

Best of days end without remembering you,
The memorable ones have you in each moment,
Opportunities knock on my door each day,
The chance Iā€™m looking for is elusive,
It is the instant when I can make you believe in me,
Everything I write is logical and pragmatic,
Not often I wish there was some senselessness,
Oozing out of the dry words expressive, humorous,
Something cheesy enough to make you smile,
I try everything and loose at all,
Sure I am of my victory when you are by my side,
Motivating me to go on, anxious for me,
There is no place for these words and such thoughts,
I am on the rebound road and arrived on the turn,
I hope I can go on without your strength in me,
Everything changes nothing is the same twice,
With the changing seasons and the evolving me,
There is one belief that I cherish and hold onto,
You will never be by my side again,
I am unbridled, string less and still in control,
And still you watch over me with guarding eyes,
And even now you are proud of me,
And with surety I can say you will still love me.

3 thoughts on “REBOUND

  1. Your friend writes beautifully and has a grasp upon the values of life and loss .. For all is balanced.. All is change…. for without change all stands still..”.With the changing seasons …. and the evolving me “…. a great line šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing

  2. great poem. This is written by Aishwarya Singh, an engineering student. God knows why she is hiding this fact.

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