Sitting in my class, bored by the lecture, I opened the last page of my notebook and started writing these random words, which later on turned out to be a rhyming piece of my day-dreaming. This is my day-dream in my absent-minded class!!

Random lines, curvy spines,
Disordered plans, unbalanced pans,
Creepy limbs, threatening stings,
Sleepy eyes, mind awake,
Open words, meanings at stake,
Incomplete phrases, always few,
Variable perceptions, but never new,
Abstract concepts, unfair debts,
Instant lies, stupid spies,
Heavy gravity, attracting insanity,
Unfinished loops, falling roofs,

Cracking floor, harmonic door,
Chuckling throats, imagination floats,
Ideas burn, intentions turn,
Direction undefined, boundaries confined,
Bouncing heart, unwashed dirt,
Blurry sight, forever night,
Shaking foundation, noticeably high,
Colourful faces, collective sigh,
Synchronized time, single rhyme,
Empty dreams, silent screams,
Words of wisdom, old or new,
Unaware, seem always few!!!

©Varun K. Sharma


  1. I love the line ‘Heavy Gravity attracting insanity’… this world over the last few weeks has been dense in energy … I just loved your absent minded wanderings through the world of words and find that within those absent moments we see more truths about our reality.. I enjoyed your thoughts Varun Long may you write into that journal your absent thoughts…
    Blessings Sue x

  2. Nice piece of work..true story. But how can you forget the most important thing… Your cellphone 😛
    And yes…good work genius !

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