The idea I’m going to present here is all about TIME. What do you understand by the term “time”? Can you define it? Just try! No, you can’t define it! Some things can’t be defined or explained; they can just be observed, experienced or believed. And ‘time’ is one of such things! Let me try to define it in the way I observe it to be.
“Time is an unstoppable and inescapable force that gives direction to the flow of energy in this universe of relative reality by itself remaining in the absolute reality.”
The reality where time exists is absolute reality and the reality that we live in, is relative reality. Everything that we do is relative to this absolute reality. All our actions in this world are relative; they are not absolute. Let’s take an analogy form science.
Absolute reality is just like ideal processes that we study in science; the ideal processes are the ones that are pure in form, generally 100% efficient, and that gives us a standard reference level to which we can compare real processes that are carried out in our relative world. Now, if we consider absolute reality as the ideal process, then our actions in this relative reality are like the real processes in science. Just like the ideal processes can’t be actually carried out, i.e. ideal processes do not exist in reality; in the same way, absolute reality does not actually exist. But it serves as a standard reference level to which our every action in the relative reality can be compared.
All the universes that exist are relative universes except the one where time and energy were born. In simple words, absolute world is the world where everything is in its absolute or pure form, without defects, without errors, without illusions. It has no physical existence; it’s the creation our own minds. A person, pure in thoughts, higher in ideas and awakened in conscious lives in absolute reality. The world that we live in is relative, where everything is fake, unreal and our mind’s illusive creation. All the spiritually awakened people of this relative world are connected to one another by a mysterious energy that belongs to the absolute world. This absolute world can be named as ‘the world of conscious minds’. It is purely a creation of awakened mind; people who are conscious of their existence in this world can experience and believe in the existence of this absolute world without any doubts. This is the world where we feel connected to one another. Now, coming back to the concept of time, I believe that time is always absolute. It may alter with changing space as postulated by A. Einstein, but it can’t be stopped; although it may be possible to turn it back. Because, to stop time means to stop the flow of energy to which it is giving direction. And if energy stops, so does the consciousness of the living which directly means destruction of every creation.
Now let’s come to the practical aspect of time far away from all the scientific theories. How do you visualize time in your real life? What do you actually mean by the phrase ‘devoting time to a task’? How can you ‘devote time’ to a task when you clearly know that time can never be possessed, it can only be utilized because it keeps flowing. When you do a task, you use your energy (life energy) to do it. Now, who is giving directions to this energy? Who is telling energy where to go? Yes! It’s TIME! You many think that it is our conscious that directs our energy in a particular task. Indeed, it is our conscious that makes decisions and helps concentrating our energy to focus on a particular task, but the question here is “who is the carrier of this energy?” When you are doing something, you are using your energy but this flow of energy is directed and guided by time. Time tells you where to utilize your energy. Time comes equipped with situations and conditions. Your conscious analyses these conditions and situations and decides where to use your energy. Out of many tasks, you do only that tasks that your conscious tells you to. In short, time brings situations, conscious analyses and makes decisions accordingly. So, your conscious analyses and collects energy and time directs this energy to the task that your conscious decided. It’s a collective effort. The main point to note here is that TIME and ENERGY always move together. When you devote your energy to some task, you are devoting your time too.
If you are talking to your friend, you are giving your time to your friend and since you are talking too, that means you are using your energy too. Same is for your friend too. This concept of ‘borrowing time’ can be further elaborated. We know that time is very precious and it should be utilized in the best way possible. When you are listening to someone’s words, when you are discussing people’s problems, when you are giving importance to someone’s talks, you are actually giving your time to them. Don’t you think it’s so great of you to ‘lend’ your time to someone; time which is more precious to you than anything else! When you are studying for exams, when you are working in your office, when you are reading something, when you are chatting with someone, when you are eating, when you are watching a movie, when you are listening to music or when you are singing a song; whatever task you are doing, you are giving your time and energy to that task. This time and energy that you devote to your tasks are not your own; they are borrowed from someone else or from nature or directly from the absolute world, where they were born. Looking at the scientific aspects of time, you may conclude that it’s unidirectional but there’s one more mysterious fact about time that has yet to be unveiled. Time and energy together make us conscious of our existence. Imagine a world without time and just energy or a world with just time and no energy – in either case, you’ll be unconscious. Life is incomplete without the knowledge of direction where to progress and without the energy to drive in that direction. Time gives you direction of your progress and energy gives you the potential to progress in that direction. To conclude, I must say that time is priceless and together with energy, it creates consciousness. This consciousness, when ignited, moulds a creation. The different creations form a reality; reality that we live in…!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

5 thoughts on “THE PRICE OF TIME

  1. Well written Varun!
    Time, in my opinion, is indeed a perception…Our perception.
    It is running much faster now (apparently), but we are still conditioned by what the clock thinks time is.

    Well done! Keep writing.

  2. no doubt why this piece of writing was into some controersies,… it is very much scientific and highly intellectual bt yet a graceful work..!! keep u the good wrk!!

  3. Varun What do you understand by word”Conscious” and “mind”. If this is clear then as you have written World is the creation of conscious minds, is it so.
    Energy starting and stopping. What is this?.Start and Stop signifies motion and at the energy level , everywhere IS energy, that too when we speak, and when everywhere, here and there, up and down , there is energy, what will start and from where and where will it stop.
    Again you have used words as “Your conscious “.JUst let me know You are the first or conscious first ,or both spontaneous. But work it out only when you know exactly the word Conscious”

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