I know a girl whose eyes were true,
Filled with tears like that of ocean’s blue,
She was a GOD fearing soul with merciful heart,
With simple living and emotional thought.
Tired of falling down, she tried,
But when bounded by rules, she cried,
Then came someone who could make her smile,
By supporting her heart that was too fragile,
She believed that love is the only way,
To be in the rules and yet celebrate each day,
But when she got something special to say,
She went cold, with a feeling of distrust and betray.
Like the Gold is priceless but also a greedy man’s bait,
She was pure in heart but also easily betrayed,
Then she changed her eyes to Golden shade,
Which were still so pure but don’t easily fade,
Now she could see the people, who disguise,
And now she is known as THE GIRL WITH GOLDEN EYES….


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