Alone I came in this joyful world,
With empty thoughts and limited words,
Unable to express my feelings, I cried,
Helpless at every step I tried,
A little cry and everyone came near,
Like I was a toy everyone wants to share.

I got words and learnt to speak,
Thoughts developed but expressions weak,
Got new friends to stand by my side,
Shared everything with nothing to hide,
Gained some knowledge to be able to stand,
Expecting someone to lend a helping hand,
But I found no one as I looked around,
I was standing alone on a falling ground,
My fate walked alone in the desert of sand,
Now I stand alone, ALONE I STAND!

In search for knowledge, I walked far away,
To find someone who’d help me anyway,
Money was the idol everywhere I went,
Knowledge was recessive but money dominant,
Seeing the world of blind faith around me, I felt
There’s nothing for me around here left,
Now, I walk alone on the silky strand,
Here, I stand alone, ALONE I STAND…!

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