Far away in the horizon, Lies a world not too unreal, The air of which is saturated, With the molecules of love, And the clouds of dust, Are dispersed with hope, That rains the drops of joy, Soaking in the ground of beliefs, Giving life to half seeds, That show their bald heads, To the … Continue reading FAR AWAY IN THE HORIZON


This is the story of a child, Who was born under shelter, not in wild, Raised by a family so loving and kind, In the whole land, difficult to find, Weaving the dreams of successful life, He always got slices, never needed a knife, Innocent eyes, true tongue tips, He was still afraid to move … Continue reading A CHILD’S BATTLE

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)

A journey I dreamed of, You and me walking together, Building our future homes, Memories at every step we gather, Looking into each other's eyes, Hearts beating fast, Holding your hands in mine, Waiting for conversation to start, Frozen lips, crippled words, Love in the air we breathe, Strange places, unknown worlds, Warmth of our … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)