I'm surrounded by many, Still my mind goes alone, In the screams and shouts, I find myself thrown, In the colours so beautiful that shine, With the light of purity surrounded, By the halo divine. I'm astounded by beauty, Still my words change incline, On the bridge of fun and joy, I feel connected to … Continue reading WHEN I’M BEYOND….


These glittering stars, Those blooming flowers, This fragrance of light, That silence of night, These unearthy travels, Those energetic levels, This breeze of smiles, That distance of miles, These windows of glass, Those fears of loss, This moment of joy, That eye so dry, These curves of beauty, Those angels in duty, This tingling in … Continue reading REMINDS ME OF YOU…..

THE PRICE OF TIME (Simplified)

Due to many topics of confusion in the previous post “THE PRICE OF TIME”, I decided to post a simplified version of the previous post. In this post, I’ve omitted the use of confusing terms like ‘absolute reality’, ‘relative reality’ and some scientific terms that I used much frequently in my previous post. I hope … Continue reading THE PRICE OF TIME (Simplified)