Far away in the horizon, Lies a world not too unreal, The air of which is saturated, With the molecules of love, And the clouds of dust, Are dispersed with hope, That rains the drops of joy, Soaking in the ground of beliefs, Giving life to half seeds, That show their bald heads, To the … Continue reading FAR AWAY IN THE HORIZON


Ever imagined a tree, With shining fruits and leaves, Waving and dancing with the wind, That blows right through them, Separating them from one another, Injecting a serum of joy, In their watery flesh, So tangible and discrete, That eyes can't see, But mind can read, Senses fail to detect, The essence of freedom, Even … Continue reading LET IT BE FREE

THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 2: The Transformation)

*continued from the ending of chapter 1 Rising from the depths of dark waters to the world of undefined shape and form, En, who was no longer a bubble now, was confused standing in the middle of nowhere, in the shape he didn’t expect and in the condition he never imagined himself to be. Well … Continue reading THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 2: The Transformation)