“Change” -   it’s not a small word; it’s huge, it’s wide, it’s limitless! Change is never single…..it’s many! When was the last time you tried to change something or someone? There may be many instances when you tried to change the world, but were you successful or are you still trying? Does it ever occur … Continue reading “CHANGE” IS IN YOUR HANDS


1) "Poetry tells you different ways to look at a single word; it denies the dictionary of words...!" 2) "On the way to success, you'll find those elements that never succeeded in making you what you wanted to be...!" 3) "Doesn't matter what have you become, what matters is who you really are..!" 4) "You … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #4


No, you can’t be! You are never wrong, you never were and you never will be! Why am I saying this? Because this is the truth! When do you consider yourself wrong? Is it when you do or say something that hurts others or is it when you hurt yourself! When you make a decision, … Continue reading HOW CAN I BE WRONG?