There are celebrations all around the country on this colourful festival of love - HOLI. Festivals are the best means to forget all your worries, be together and enjoy to the fullest. But it all depends on how you want to celebrate, the way you feel happy! I'm glad that this Holi I'm watching something … Continue reading COLOURS OF THE UNIVERSE


Far away in the horizon, Lies a world not too unreal, The air of which is saturated, With the molecules of love, And the clouds of dust, Are dispersed with hope, That rains the drops of joy, Soaking in the ground of beliefs, Giving life to half seeds, That show their bald heads, To the … Continue reading FAR AWAY IN THE HORIZON


Existentialist, that’s what I believe I am! For those who don’t know what it means, I’m not going for dictionary meaning; I would like to define it in my own words. “The realization of ‘existence of self’ by questioning the existence of every other thing and trying to find answers for the same in any … Continue reading I LIVE “EXISTENTIALISM”