1) "No one knows the key to be happy because no one actually needs it; the door is always open." 2) "Respect your feelings and know that you deserve each one of them." 3) "Come to light of knowledge and be ready to wonder at its beauty." 4) "You can never know what's coming next for you; so … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES # 11


Today, in this double-faced world, words have very significant role to play. From the day in our history, when we learned to use language as a tool to express our feelings, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and criticisms, to NOW, we have been learning to master this tool. Still, sometimes, there are instances when we are … Continue reading WHEN WORDS END, MEANINGS BEGIN


Tiny flashes of light, As they reach my eyes, Become the elements of beauty, And from the ink of my pen, They flow like shining pearls, Reflecting the lights of different colours, Soft winds making me go high, Cold pleasant waves leaving me dry, Sounds of fluttering leaves, Become my melodious song, Sight of infinite … Continue reading FLASHES OF LIGHT