THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 4: The Bird’s View)

*continued from chapter 3

So you thought that Falco would come and go unnoticed just like that! No. Not in my story! In my story, every character has a significant role to play. So, let’s leave Engy with his questions and doubts for a while and fly home with this little bird that helped me introduce the word ‘HOPE’ in my story.

Before Falco came into the sight and caught the eye of Engy on him, he was busy finding some grass and tiny sticks for building his nest. It seemed like a pleasant day to fly out and search for some nest-building material. But as he set off from him nest, rain clouds covered the sky and started roaring the words of thunder.

Well, the poor little bird went on and finally found some grass best suited for his nest. But just then, rain started pouring on his little wings and made it difficult for him to fly. Falco took shelter under a tree and waited for rain to stop. He sat on a short branch, not much higher from the ground and close to the massive stem with a thick cover of leaves on top. The tree he was sitting on was quite tall and rain mostly drenched the leaves and higher branches of the tree but hardly touched the grass covering the heavy roots of this giant green saviour. Looking down, Falco found a small patch of dry grass blades for his nest. But still, he couldn’t fly home in such a heavy rain carrying grass in his fragile beak. So, he waited!

Sitting on the tree branch, the bird looked at the sky and all that covered his little gaze was the dark cover of the roaring rain clouds. Then he looked at the rain drops and thought to himself, “I wish I was one of those rain drops. Nothing ever stops them from reaching the ground and nourishing the life. But me! I can’t even fly home to nourish and protect my family.”

He was probably looking at Engy, though Engy didn’t notice that time as he was busy asking questions to other droplets about this pointless journey of theirs! Looking at the droplets for a while and inspired by their undisturbed focus to reach their destination, Falco got some spark in him. Yes! It was the spark of HOPE. Once hope lit his mind, he got shot by an idea to fly through the rain.

Falco thought, “What if I stay low and fly tree to tree under the cover of leaves and big branches that extended further away from the thick stem. I think…I can make a way out of this storm. But I can’t carry that grass for my nest. It will be difficult for me to hold them for long in this heavy rain.

And so he took off for his way home, flying tree to tree, branch to branch. Engy got a sight of him. Falco was still struggling to fly through the rain as the trees were not very close to each other. After he flew far away, out of the zone of heavy rain, he dragged himself a little higher and was on his way back home. Engy kept looking at him until Falco vanished from his sight into the clear blue sky far away near the horizon.

In life, we all are inspired by each other’s experiences. Engy saw HOPE when he looked at Falco’s attempts in struggling to fly through the rain. But what or who inspired Falco? It was probably Engy he was looking at when he was sitting on a tree branch. Falco was inspired by the determined focus of raindrops, and Engy was one of them! This is how they were connected. Falco and Engy shared a relation of HOPE with each other! There’s always someone out of many who inspires us silently. He may not even be aware about it but he simply teaches us to keep moving; and while moving, keeping that spark of HOPE lightened! Who knows someday YOU may inspire someone….or maybe you already do!!

This was chapter 4. The story continues…..stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 4: The Bird’s View)

  1. Inspiration always walks hand in hand with HOPE… when v see hope in a condition, v get inspired…. thats wat the kind of relation engy and falco are sharing…. desperately waiting for nxt chapter… (y)

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