A sound I hear, In tune but bizarre, Like it's coming from the vibrating, Strings of my guitar, I can feel the pressure, Of my fingers on the frets, That pain in the wrist, And those fingertip threats, It's like listening a song, Inside a waking dream, Picking with the fingers, As smooth as the … Continue reading FROM THE STRINGS


Sitting in my class, bored by the lecture, I opened the last page of my notebook and started writing these random words, which later on turned out to be a rhyming piece of my day-dreaming. This is my day-dream in my absent-minded class!! Random lines, curvy spines, Disordered plans, unbalanced pans, Creepy limbs, threatening stings, … Continue reading IN MY ABSENT-MINDED CLASS

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Desire)

In the light of positive words, In the depths of silent hearts, Where feelings emerge anew, Like fresh morning dew, There resides a ring of fire, An unexplained desire, That changes 'far' to 'near', Together with love and fear, In the world of many but two, Not all, but ME and YOU! On the peaks … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Desire)