LOVE – The Unexplained (The Desire)

In the light of positive words,
In the depths of silent hearts,
Where feelings emerge anew,
Like fresh morning dew,
There resides a ring of fire,
An unexplained desire,
That changes ‘far’ to ‘near’,
Together with love and fear,
In the world of many but two,
Not all, but ME and YOU!

On the peaks of unfamiliar curves,
When numb and cold are my nerves,
A tickle of smile teases my soul,
Returning back what time once stole,
Writing stories with broken letters,
Listening words from unclear chatters,
Drowning in ocean with no surface at top,
Running away, no one to stop,
Inhaling the bubbles of questions unseen,
I’m in doubts, I’ve never been..!!

I’m relaxed, I was strained,
I’m free, I was constrained,
When emptiness surrounded, and nothing remained,
I was left with a desire, LOVE – The Unexplained….!!

Β©Varun K. Sharma

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