A Race With Time

When it comes to friends, family and the ones we love, we all have one common experience – time flies faster when we are with them. We always wish we had more time to spend with them. But in another scenario, if we are sitting in a boring lecture, we keep looking at the watch waiting for lecture to end soon. Why is it that time appears to be speed up and down depending upon the situation we are in? Obviously, all the watches we look at, aren’t defective. Then how does this happen?Well, our watch is perfectly fine and the pace of time is also constant. The only thing that changes is how we perceive time. When we are spending quality time with our friends, we intend time to never end so soon. There are different kind of perceptions:

“This time will end sooner or later”

We already accept the limitation of time but want it to end not any sooner. So, we plant this idea in our mind that time is really not enough and we will fall short of it sooner or later. This idea itself makes us feel short of time, although we might actually have enough. So, it feels like time flies faster.

And when we are doing something we don’t like doing, we keep waiting for time to end soon and when it doesn’t, it feels like the end is too far away and won’t come so easy. The idea is further refined when we keep looking at the watch every 5 mins expecting that it’s 10 mins past. So, here time seems to be slower than usual.

“Quality time doesn’t need to be tracked”

We don’t want to keep track of time when we are having fun. We tell ourselves that we don’t need to look at our watches while we are having fun. So, even if we notice the time on our watch, it will be after a long while, which means not that frequent. For example, after 1 pm, we look at the watch directly at 4 pm and wonder how long it has been but seemed so short.
Contrary to that, if we are stuck in some boring task, we will notice that we will want to know the time more frequently. That’s because we want that boring activity to end soon, so we make sure we keep track of time more frequently in order to make sure that when it ends, we don’t have to sit any longer and leave. Here, time seems to crawl slower than normal.

“Judging from past and worrying about future”

The time spent well with the best people in our lives is the treasure no one should let go. Sometimes, we look at our past and judge that the time we are about to spend will fall short and therefore, cancel our plans. Sometimes, we are too worried about the limitations, like reaching back home before 11, that we fail to cherish the wonderful moments we had together. These kind of thoughts limit our understanding of time and makes us lose track of actual time we spent. So, it seems faster or slower based on our perception.

So what exactly happens to time? Is it really constant? Well, we are not quite certain about that yet and it’s a concept little challenging to explain. So let’s keep that discussion for some other time. For now, the only thing we must keep in mind is that when we spend time with our loved ones, we should keep our watches away and be in that moment, making memories, stories, wishes, dreams, and ideas together.

Thanks for your valuable time 😉

Forever By My Side

My mornings are blue,

My nights are bright,

I want to live with you,

Forever by my side.

Knowing you over the years,

I understood the more of me,

Wrapped around in your arms,

That’s how I want it to be!

The more the time passes,

The more I keep falling,

For your love, your smile,

Towards you, I keep walking.

After I met you, 

The old me somehow died,

And today I need you,

Forever by my side!

Through My Eyes

Look around, what do you see?

Through your observant eyes,

Does the world seem real,

Or walking in disguise?

What do you think rules the world?

Is it love or ego or neither if these?

Do you see hope, perseverence, success,

Or failure, betrayal, and injustice?

What do you see in their eyes?

A story, a cry, a smile or pain?

That which you hear wouldn’t stand by,

But that which you see will always remain.

Now sew the world through my eyes,

The giggles aloud, and the silent cries,

There’s good, there’s bad,

There’s yin, there’s yang,

The songs of life, about joy and sorrow,

Everyone has sang,

There’s beauty, there’s hope,

There are those who survive,

And even those who can’t cope,

See the world though my eyes,

There’s magic, there’s adventure,

And every turn ahead hold a surprise.

Open you eyes,

Have a look around,

The treasure you have been looking for,

Has already been found!

The ‘Karma’ Song

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
There’s something that follows,
Round and round,
Running in circles,
Speeding up and down,
Saying “what goes around,
Comes around!”

The work you do,
Shall bear you fruits,
The more you give,
The more you get,
But if you wanna be free,
Just don’t expect,
Fate can be lazy,
But it will find you,
It’s Karma people,
Always right behind you!

It’s not biased to intentions,
It’s a judge of your actions,
So be careful of what you do,
Warping the boundaries,
Of immutable time,
It will keep following you!

The Things I Did For You

I walked the less walked road,
Just to get by your side,
To sit beside you for a while,
And take you on a joyride,
Telling stories I need to tell,
And gossips I want to yell,
The endless talks with no pause,
Looking into your eyes shining like glass,
I keep thinking about you,
And I know you do too,
Just remember there are many,
Things I did for you!

You walked into my life,
Like a river nourishes dry soil,
And gave my life a purpose,
When there was only chaos and turmoil,
Every second spent with you,
Is a moment to be cherished,
And like drops in an infinite sea,
Never to be diminished,
That you entered into my life,
Is a dream come true,
Just remember there are many,
Things I did for you!

WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Psychological Barriers of Fear

It was about two years ago when I posted an article under the same heading. Back then, I was thinking about writing something else but somehow diverted myself towards just one part of it. So, I tried to explain the decision of beginning something new from geometrical perspective, so that it is more understandable and easy to visualize. Below is the link to my post under same title posted on April 15, 2014:

WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Geometrical Perspective

In the previous version of this post, I talked about how things actually are in the real world, and used physical things (page of a notebook) and geometrical examples (drawing of a simple shape) to explain how pre-analysing situations help us make quality decisions that lead us towards a successful beginning. In this post, I’ll talk about the psychological barriers we have to face when we are about to begin something new.

Ususally, the first thing that prevents us from starting something new is fear. You might ask fear of what? Well, it can be fear of many types but eventually everything points towards fear of failure.Most people have this doubt that they have very less chance of succeeding if they start something new. Well, I won’t say they are wrong in thinking so! But if this thinking stops us from acting, then there won’t ever be any new ideas or new beginnings. In order to start something fresh, we should accept the fact that there will be failures. No matter how big, no matter how small, these failures will help us minimize further risks and lead us towards being more successful.

Another kind of fear, which I’d recognize as the second most common one, is the fear of opinion. Whose opinion? People’s opinion! Even if one is willing to take the risk of failure head on, the fear that what people would talk, discuss, comment about him or his idea/act consumes his mind and finally corrupts it. Corrupts, because letting this idea haunt you that people’s comments on one’s actions/thoughts should really matter, is like a thin layer of rust masking one’s otherwise shining enthusiasm of beginning something new. Opinions of people matter, but only if you extract something useful out of them and don’t let them affect your vision or goal.

What else do you think are the psychological barriers stopping you from starting something new? Well, there’s one more and perhaps the most important one – fear of change. The common idea is that change is not always for the better. When one is involved in things that don’t change much over time, it feels comfortable or a much better way to put it would be less risky. Though it can become monotonous and frustrating over time to follow the same path everyday that is devoid of any change, but most people find it better than trying something new because change is unpredictable. And if change is predictable, let’s assume, then the consequences it beings with itself will definitely be unpredictable. So, you see, there is a big risk in following a new path where we are not certain how long the list of unpredictable things will actually be!

But if change is unpredictable, then it’s also inevitable. You can’t escape from change. But that doesn’t mean change will force itself before you or inside you against your will. It stands in front of you as an opportunity, unless you try to accept it and make it a part of you. Change is neccessary for evolving, surviving and sustaining in this world. It’s the very nature of the universe. Without change, there would not have been a big bang, formation of stars, planets, solar system and, therefore, us. Even our internal organs renew themselves by replacing old cells with new ones from time to time. So, in a way we can say that change is the behaviour of our own DNA. Sounds very mystical, right? But that’s a fact with scientific base as the proof of it. So, once you keep aside your ego and try and accept change, barriers will start to crumble. The fear of change is the first barrier that you need to take down.

So, if you are planning to start something new or planning to begin a new chapter of life, free yourself from these psychological barriers of fear that reside deep inside your mind. These fears can only be eliminated/reduced by your own will to do so!

Let’s celebrate the new beginning; till then see you on the next version of this post 😉

How I Got So Lucky?!

Sometimes I’m stuck,
At the edge of a thought,
That how I got so lucky,
To get all that I got,
Did my words play the game,
Or my light was pure and bright,
To fetch me so much love,
And make the things go right.

How I got so lucky,
To breathe the love again,
Far away from fear,
Distress, anxiety and pain,
How I got so lucky,
To enter this crazy lane,
A touch of care,
A kiss of love,
A beautiful smile,
All over again.