7th Blogoversary

It’s August 21 and it’s blogoversary time! It’s been 7 years since I have been publishing posts online sharing my experiences in my very own personal space. Here, I can share my thoughts, experiences, stories, creativity and so much more. I’m very grateful that I made this decision to start writing and publishing online which has helped me grow in various areas of my life. New ideas keep flourishing and despite my poor performance this year in posting new content, I’m pretty sure second half is going to be much interesting.

Let’s have a review of this year’s activity (August 2016 – August 2017):

Total posts: 8

Total views: 406

Total visitors: 255

And now looking at the all-time stats:

All-time stats

All-time views are touching 60k milestone, count of posts is nearly 200 and number of visitors are growing. Not bad so far, but need to do better 😉

Despite all these facts and figures, this Achievement badge from WordPress makes me feel better than anything! Let’s make this year a better one. A big thanks to all my readers and followers, who have motivated me and made this personal space of mine a little more shinier every year.



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