THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 5: Out In The Rain)

*continued from chapter 4

Falco disappearing in the far depths of the horizon and Engy still looking at the spirit of this little bird makes him think about how Falco got the strength to escape out of the heavy rainstorm. Asking to himself in doubt, Engy heard the voice speaking to him loudly at first and then whispering slowly the answer – HOPE. Hearing the voice again, Engy was all frozen for a moment.

Could it be possible? Engy asked himself in surprise.

I can hear that voice again but it’s unclear. Maybe I’m close to that place where I came from! He exclaimed.

Engy smiled as he thought about that voice. He felt relieved knowing that the voice will guide him again as it used to do earlier.

But the voice is my secret; what if they all hear it too! It guides only me, not them. If it guides them too, then I’ll be left behind, Engy thought.

Selfish, isn’t he to think like that?

Just then a drop close to Engy asked him, “Hey, did you hear something?”

Engy turned his focus from that voice towards that drop. As he turned to answer her question, he saw a raindrop shining as if the sun was shining right behind her.

What a beautiful sight… it real? He wondered.

And then he saw her…..smiling and looking at her.

“Oh! What? Hear….no, I didn’t hear anything. You heard something? What was it like… a roar… or thunder maybe?” Engy asked hesitatingly maybe because he was worried if she heard the voice too or maybe he was a little nervous!

“You are reacting as if you heard it too! Why are you so nervous? Is it because you are talking to a beautiful raindrop for the first time?” she asked with a naughty smile on her face.

“No… no… It’s nothing like that! I… I was just wondering….who…. what’s your name?” Engy asked while he was totally out of his wits.

“I’m Pluvia! I came from the city of clouds but I’ve never seen you before. Are you a newbie here?” Pluvia asked.

Pluvia! What kind of name is that? But…that’s lovely, he thought and smiled.

“No…ah yes! I mean I was a bubble and then I became a vapour and…..then there was storm and winds….and….” Engy replied in total confusion.

“Haha! What are you saying? I don’t understand a bit of it. Well, nice talking to you. Hope you have a good time here as you go along. Now if you’ll excuse me, my friends need me. See you later!” Pluvia said as she was turning towards her friends.

“I’m Engy….my name’s Engy!” Engy told Pluvia loudly as if she was miles away from her.

“Ok. I get it! No need to be so harsh!” she said in frustrating tone, “Weirdy he should be!” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry! I was just…trying to have a good conversation!” Engy said justifying himself.

She turned towards him a little and said, “Oh! It’s ok!” And she turned towards her friends.

What just happened to me? Was I out of my mind? I never talked like that to someone. Crazy weirdy bubble; don’t even know how to speak to someone generously and politely, Engy thought after realizing what he has done.

Engy kept looking at her while she was talking to her friends regretting about the way he talked to her. They were still falling towards the ground, unstoppable and fast.

You might be wondering that rain falls so quickly that there’s hardly much time for the drops to indulge in a conversation so detailed and expressive. But time is a relative thing. Do you know that the shortest living insect, Mayfly, lives for just one day? In that one day, he lives his whole life. For you, the-only-one-day life of Mayfly may seem very short but for the Mayfly, it’s his whole life! He eats, mates, and dies in this short span of time. Just like Mayfly, so is everything around that seems to happen so fast that it may pass unnoticed, but it actually isn’t! The journey of rain drops falling from clouds to the ground may seem like occurring in minutes but for them, it’s a journey full of adventures, difficulties, and new learnings, same as we humans have.

Everybody needs a friend. We all need a friend who stays by our side in good and bad times. Friends make life easy by keeping worries away and trying to make us smile even in the harsh times. They know us well, and so they also know how to get us back into the action. Friends don’t judge or find a reason to stick with us; they just stay with us at every moment and at every situation. Friends are always there whenever we need them and so a life without friends is not worth living.

Has Engy found a new friend? Stay tuned… know more!

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