Born from a speck of light,
Expanding in the never ending night,
I travel far in the cosmic space,
Infinite I am in the GOD’s grace.

There are no limits to hold me back,
No buzzing voices to make me lose my track,
I’m alone but together in this heavenly rejoice,
Infinite I am in the vibes of my own voice.

Nothing goes wrong when I have the will to choose,
Everything comes my way when I have nothing to lose,
My mind expands to limitless possibilities,
Infinite I am in my responsibilities.

I rejoice every moment that I hold,
With strong beliefs and ideas bold,
Time for me goes out of hand,
Infinite I am in this vivid strand.

I’m infinite when I experience reality,
I’m infinite when I release duality,
I’m infinite when I breathe out pain,
I’m infinite when I stop being insane,
I’m infinite on the verge of transformation,
I’m infinite in the light of information,
I’m infinite when I read the blank books of knowledge,
I’m infinite when I fall freely from the edge,
I’m infinite in expressions of ‘wow’,
Infinite I am in the NOW…!!

©Varun K. Sharma

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