LOVE – The Unexplained (The Sweetness)

The sweetness of your talks,
The randomness of your walks,
The light in your eyes,
The truth in your lies,
The language of your sweet gestures,
The words of your caring lectures,
The dreams I see with your eyes,
The moment when we leave away our disguise,
The place where we sit holding tight,
The red beach sunset in fading twilight,
The endless time we look into each other,
The senseless rhyme we sing together,
The minutes of joy we had,
The smiles that made us glad,
The sighs of pleasure we secured,
The LOVE of life we insured,
Today when I see these and those,
I still find the same young rose,
With the sweetness intact, not less not more,
Every new day, I wish for more and more,
Tangled in this unique relation I harness,
I live in LOVE-The Unexplained, the sweetness….!

©Varun K. Sharma

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