Whenever I try to share something about life or about my experiences or my realizations, what I hear from the other side is, “Dude, I’m not interested in your philosophy!” Not only this, I also get positive reviews like “Wow! Looks like someone’s going to be a great philosopher some day!” Well, it’s not that positive review because I’m not a philosopher and what I speak is not philosophy!

Philosophy, for me is a study of reasons behind things we face and events that take place in our reality. But Philosophy also relies on logical solutions rather than intuitive, whereas reality is not based on logical representation. Philosophy uses symbols, numbers, and geometrical relations to prove a statement valid or invalid, whereas reality is not explained but realized by experience. I never tried to explain the reality, as many people think; I just tried to share my experience with the motive that people might at least think of such things that I share and try to reflect on it. One person can’t experience many things in his life, some things we can learn from others too.

There are things beyond just common human understanding – things that need more than common human intellect and use of five senses, things that need something more than just terms or definitions. And philosophy is also a term that can be defined. But reality can never be defined, it can never be explained, it can just be REALIZED (REALity – REALized; see the connection…..lol).

It’s true that I make big claims on some very serious topics like religion, emotions, reality, etc. but that doesn’t mean I’m a philosopher, because I share my experience regarding these topics. Yes, I get some critics too and I try my best to answer their questions. It gives a boost to my confidence when I answer the questions of people based on my intuition and knowledge through realizations. All I want to say is “When I say something or when I make big claims about something, I’m not speaking philosophy because I’m not actually telling everyone to follow what I say. I just share my experience based on some reasons that are valid for me. What’s valid or right for you depends on your experiences and realizations.” This is the message I want to spread out – “Learn from your experiences and from the experiences of others but the beliefs that make your life should be framed only from your own experiences and realizations. People say many things, people do many things; not all such things can make your life. So, go for those beliefs that you create yourself and that are not derived blindly from other’s conclusions. When I conclude something in my posts, that conclusion is my belief, not yours. It depends on you whether you want to make it your belief or not, based on the judgement of your own experiences.”

Remember, no one teaches you how to live, it’s already inside you. The only thing worth noticing is that there is always someone who makes you realize this fact.

©Varun K. Sharma


  1. Bravo to you. Yes, we all have experience and wisdom we can impart but that’s only from our own perspective: ‘Hey, this is what happened to me, and this [xyz] helped – it might help you too.’ kinda thing. Philosophically you make a great point. (Joking!!) 🙂

  2. totally agree, I often put on posts of mine where I put my own opinion thats this is my opinion only, and believe not one word I say.. For we all need to seek the truth out for ourselves.. So very true..

  3. Very true! I appreciate you for your thinking. I loved the statement “whereas reality is not explained but realized by experience”
    By sharing our views we tend to understand the reality in a more better way. And that’s what our parents teach us when they share their past experiences with us just to benefit our forthcoming future. 😀

  4. I appreciate your views… and i think , yes u r right bt I also think that one knows about the reality somewhere in his unconscious mind but it all depends on the level of acceptance. 🙂

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