What I project and what you see,
Nothing is expected in the way it should be,
Because deep inside these bodily contours,
There’s more than what my character pours,
You may be looking straight into my eyes,
Staring at me, uncovering my disguise,
Be more and more clear and sound,
Try hard to pretend to be always around,
Look for a chance and starve to know,
Wait for my fall, then hit and go,
Like what I like, do what I do,
Never asking for what I’ve been through,
Hold me tight and help me stand,
Then jerk off my legs and leave my hand,
Recite my beliefs everytime in my ears,
Define yourself among my dears,
Save my tears from falling down,
Then throw them away in garbage town,
Come closer and inspire me high,
Go away and wish for me to cry.

Of all that your perceptions see,
Is just an illusive piece of me,
Beyond the lines that sculpt my face,
Are hidden my abstract thoughts with grace,
Deep within my conducting nerves,
There are currents that flow in curves,
I may not shine, but I can be a star inside,
With thoughts I steer and on ideas I ride,
I’ll rise among millions, yet I’ll be alone,
INSIDE MY ABSTRACT LINES, lies my royal throne….!!!


  1. i simply loved your new style !! good work varun!! and human nature is the toughest thing to understand…!!! the last two lines are the ULTIMATE lines…!! something which is very true!! hats off!!

  2. Simply wonderful. Our true worth lies within. Like you, my worth is not dependent on another person’s opinion of me. You write with a wisdom that belies your age. Definitely an old soul. Hugs, pat

  3. nicely explained what exactly our life is like. Deeply inspired by your writings. Keep up the good job…! ๐Ÿ™‚

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