WAVES (Waves Are Valuable Energy Sources)

My life was like still water in a pond,
Motionless, constrained and unable to respond,
Until a drop of curiosity fell from heart of nature,
And generated waves of reason from an unknown literature,
My colour changed from dark to bright,
To capture, absorb and harness more light,
Then the waves of music moved my core,
And the ‘disturbances’ enhanced more and more,
With every distraction, emerged an understanding,
That took me away from ‘ever-demanding’,
Filled with love, the waves were vibrant,
Louder outside but inside silent,
Reason to every happiness my heart craves,
Every second in my life, I’m influenced by WAVES.

Everything in life appeared complex but straight,
Until I changed my perspective to observe my fate,
I observed that anything we believe, we achieve,
Like ups and downs, in a wave, we receive,
What may look as ripples, can be an innovation,
That can take us to higher level of imagination,
Like a wave, I crossed the barriers on my way,
And didn’t stop looking, whether night or day,
But sometimes when many waves interfere,
My thoughts become raw and my visions glare,
Reason to every emotion my SELF behaves,
Every moment of my life, I’m influenced by WAVES.

2 thoughts on “WAVES (Waves Are Valuable Energy Sources)

  1. wow! i really liked it alot..!! nice perception..!! and truely inspiring!!! life is actually like a wave!! all the ups and down.. come and at the end they teach u something!! lovely!!!

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