LOVE – The Law of Nature

Looking at the stars of night,
Gazing at the bright moonlight,
Admiring the beautiful dark sight,
Making a false story appear right,
Seeking for truth in the absence of light,
I realized the truth of ‘Love at first sight’.

A human wishing to survive,
Struggling every second to remain alive,
Surrounded by faces that give fake smiles,
Running in races that run for miles,
Feeling happiness by holding paper scraps,
Twitching hands that never sense the traps,
Learning things that never hold a sense,
Knowing and still walking on the path of perseverance,
Still unable to define LOVE in simple words,
Confused by the laws that creates different worlds,
Trying endlessly but in wrong direction,
Becoming restless in every tiny situation,
Enslaved by rules in every process,
And still wishing for an easy success!!

Had we developed the creative perception,
It could have helped in right progression,
Had we admired the beauty of nature,
It could have helped survival of every creature,
Had we understood the meaning of LOVE,
It could have aroused our ability to serve,
Had we interpreted the nature’s laws,
It could have removed existing flaws,
Had we realized who we really are,
It could have dominated peace over war.

Love is a feeling, Love is an art,
It’s a rhythm of vibrations in the core of heart,
It has no meaning in philosophy and literature,
Feel the essence of LOVE – The Law Of Nature….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

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