I’ve studied many things in my life’s long run,
I’ve written so many words and had so much fun,
I’ve seen the moonlight and the bright day sun,
I’ve even done things, I never should have done,
I’ve captured the amazing through the eyes of my mind,
I’ve defined the unexplained which was never earlier defined,
I’ve failed many times, yet I stand,
I’ve been separated, yet I try to blend,
I’ve walked many steps, and at every step, I create,
I’ve reached many ideas, and at every idea, I innovate.

There are many ideas that keep growing in mind,
Some easy to the eyes and some even hard to find,
Every developing idea needs thoughtful creation,
When idea gets in shape, that’s INNOVATION.

Of all that we think, let’s think something new,
Of all the developing ideas, let’s bring out a few,
Of all that we imagine, let’s imagine right,
Of all the fresh ideas, let’s widen our sight,
Of all that we create, let’s create smart,
Of all the creative ideas, let’s develop an “art”,
Of all that we reflect, let’s capture the true,
Of all the true ideas, let’s begin to do,
Of all that we’ve studied, let’s apply,
Of all that we’ve been questioned for, let’s reply,
Of all that we’ve faced difficulties, let’s stand firm,
Of all that we’ve denied so far, let’s confirm,
Of all that we’ve imagined so far, let’s create,
Think of doing the impossible, LET’S INNOVATE….!!!

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