It is generally believed that we need a special day to do something special. I never believed that! But there's one thing that I believe, and that is: "It doesn't matter whether you need a special reason to celebrate your day or not; what matters is that you are in the moment and a very … Continue reading A DAY TO CELEBRATE

DIWALI – The joy of lights or the glitter of sounds???

Before you start reading, there’s one thing I want to say. In this post, I’m presenting my personal view regarding things which I’ve observed myself. There’s no reason that you should have the same observation or same beliefs as I do. So, when you read, read with open mind. My motive here is not to … Continue reading DIWALI – The joy of lights or the glitter of sounds???


Today is a special day for me and for my blog because today is my blog’s blogoversary. Today, my blog has turned 2 years old. And not only this, there’s one more thing that makes this day special. On this day, I decided to upload my 100th post “WHAT’S ON MY MIND!” I decided to … Continue reading WHAT’S ON MY MIND!!!