Flightless Bird

Haunted by light, Caressed by dark, Consumed by desire, To make my mark, I sleep in a coffin, Kept above the ground, Devil follows me, Angels too come around, Like a flightless bird, Always looking at the sky, I'm sitting in water, But cursed to stay dry. My wings are futile, But I heard a … Continue reading Flightless Bird


There's more than just love, It's a connection that I feel, Anything you go through, Not anymore can you conceal, I smile when you smile, Even if the reason is unknown, It's just contagious my love, You can't do it alone, I cry when you cry, I could not abstain, It's just contagious my love, … Continue reading Contagious

A Rewarding Bake

On the kitchen table,Just a few steps away,A delicious cake awaits,To make your day,Before you grab a spoon,And begin savouring its taste,Let’s go back to the time,Before it was ready to bake.A big and colourful bowl,Basic ingredients in a mixture,Flour, soda, sugar, butter,Beat it till you get a texture,Dip a finger, try a taste,Wait till … Continue reading A Rewarding Bake