LOVE – The Unexplained (The Untold Story)

Beneath the normal shades of skin, Grows a flower of LOVE within, The fragrance of life, From the blossoming soul, The shower of happiness, From part to whole, Like a petal opening one by one, Uncovering the life to the shining sun, Throwing to light its growing pleasure, Securing inside the priceless treasure, Inside, a … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Untold Story)

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Open Secret)

From the sky comes a light, Reflects my heart and makes it shine bright, Gives me a pulse I always knew of, Stikes me softly with divine staff, Makes me realize this beautiful belief, That it's only LOVE that gives me relief. While walking with the steps I can hardly measure, I landed on a … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Open Secret)

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)

A journey I dreamed of, You and me walking together, Building our future homes, Memories at every step we gather, Looking into each other's eyes, Hearts beating fast, Holding your hands in mine, Waiting for conversation to start, Frozen lips, crippled words, Love in the air we breathe, Strange places, unknown worlds, Warmth of our … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)