It Isn’t Over

The day has just begun,

But the night isn’t over,

There are some stars still shining,

Under the orange light cover,

And here starts the commotion,

Of daily chores of men,

But the work keeps going,

Neither ends now, never did then,

Blank faces so consumed,

Nobody seems to be really here,

Lost in a world that doesn’t exist,

Yet living with a sense of fear,

Wild chase of the season begins,

Time to earn their daily bread,

Full stomachs are already so full,

Starving corpses are now dead.

The day is still alive,

It isn’t over yet,

There’s still time left,

To overcome the regret,

Of doing nothing back then,

When you could have done,

A war you didn’t fight,

But you certainly could have won,

There’s a little time to sunset,

The sky is still serene,

It isn’t over, so fly off beyond,

The farthest you have been,

The light of dusk is fading,

The mighty clouds hover,

The day might have ended,

But it isn’t really over!