WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Psychological Barriers of Fear

It was about two years ago when I posted an article under the same heading. Back then, I was thinking about writing something else but somehow diverted myself towards just one part of it. So, I tried to explain the decision of beginning something new from geometrical perspective, so that it is more understandable and easy to visualize. Below is the link to my post under same title posted on April 15, 2014:

WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Geometrical Perspective

In the previous version of this post, I talked about how things actually are in the real world, and used physical things (page of a notebook) and geometrical examples (drawing of a simple shape) to explain how pre-analysing situations help us make quality decisions that lead us towards a successful beginning. In this post, I’ll talk about the psychological barriers we have to face when we are about to begin something new.

Ususally, the first thing that prevents us from starting something new is fear. You might ask fear of what? Well, it can be fear of many types but eventually everything points towards fear of failure.Most people have this doubt that they have very less chance of succeeding if they start something new. Well, I won’t say they are wrong in thinking so! But if this thinking stops us from acting, then there won’t ever be any new ideas or new beginnings. In order to start something fresh, we should accept the fact that there will be failures. No matter how big, no matter how small, these failures will help us minimize further risks and lead us towards being more successful.

Another kind of fear, which I’d recognize as the second most common one, is the fear of opinion. Whose opinion? People’s opinion! Even if one is willing to take the risk of failure head on, the fear that what people would talk, discuss, comment about him or his idea/act consumes his mind and finally corrupts it. Corrupts, because letting this idea haunt you that people’s comments on one’s actions/thoughts should really matter, is like a thin layer of rust masking one’s otherwise shining enthusiasm of beginning something new. Opinions of people matter, but only if you extract something useful out of them and don’t let them affect your vision or goal.

What else do you think are the psychological barriers stopping you from starting something new? Well, there’s one more and perhaps the most important one – fear of change. The common idea is that change is not always for the better. When one is involved in things that don’t change much over time, it feels comfortable or a much better way to put it would be less risky. Though it can become monotonous and frustrating over time to follow the same path everyday that is devoid of any change, but most people find it better than trying something new because change is unpredictable. And if change is predictable, let’s assume, then the consequences it beings with itself will definitely be unpredictable. So, you see, there is a big risk in following a new path where we are not certain how long the list of unpredictable things will actually be!

But if change is unpredictable, then it’s also inevitable. You can’t escape from change. But that doesn’t mean change will force itself before you or inside you against your will. It stands in front of you as an opportunity, unless you try to accept it and make it a part of you. Change is neccessary for evolving, surviving and sustaining in this world. It’s the very nature of the universe. Without change, there would not have been a big bang, formation of stars, planets, solar system and, therefore, us. Even our internal organs renew themselves by replacing old cells with new ones from time to time. So, in a way we can say that change is the behaviour of our own DNA. Sounds very mystical, right? But that’s a fact with scientific base as the proof of it. So, once you keep aside your ego and try and accept change, barriers will start to crumble. The fear of change is the first barrier that you need to take down.

So, if you are planning to start something new or planning to begin a new chapter of life, free yourself from these psychological barriers of fear that reside deep inside your mind. These fears can only be eliminated/reduced by your own will to do so!

Let’s celebrate the new beginning; till then see you on the next version of this post 😉

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