All That I Need…

Give me a hand, that I can hold,

With the promise to keep it warm,

Younger I am, or if I get old,

I won’t intend to harm,

Hear my voice, I want to say,

That love is all I am,

Look into my eyes, there’s a way,

That goes beyond my name.

The world is unjust, filled with greed,

A few are full, while many don’t eat,

How much is it that you need,

To walk on money, beneath your feet,

There’s so much grief, and so love there is,

All I have is a half-grown seed,

If love in my life are the choices of His,

Then this is all that I need…!!

One thought on “All That I Need…

  1. when I had a source of earning
    love was my yearning,
    now when I don’t have money
    money money seems sweeter than honey

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