You know what money is. You also know what values mean; so there’s no need to explain their meanings. But hey, this is my blog, my personal space, so I need to enlighten you with my perspective about the meaning of both these ‘words’. According to me, money is a special form of printed piece of paper which holds a numeric value using which we buy things from the market. And values, well, these are the parameters that define the quantity or quality of a living or non-living thing.

Does money hold a value? Yes. We all know it does!


Does holding values earn you money?
To answer this question, we need to understand about values and money a little more in detail. Instead, let’s design some simple equations using which we ca reach our conclusion.
There are many types of values viz. modesty, forgiveness, honesty, kindness, respect, positivity, openness, straight-forwardness, obedience, etc.
Let’s me go on framing some equations starting with VALUE till we reach MONEY at the other end.
What do you mean by ‘value’? Does it mean that something you hold inside as a habit or behaviour is worth something? If you were to rate your honesty on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate? Whatever number you choose, that number tells value of how much honest you are! In other terms, it tells how much worth do you believe your honesty is! So, value tells worthiness of your habits or behaviours. And here’s our first equation:


If you have a value, then you are worth something which means you deserve a reward or some credit or are looking for it. So, being worthy means you deserve something.


When you deserve something, you are obviously looking for an achievement – some kind of reward or appreciation or appraisal or hike – something like that!


What’s an achievement without an action! Can you think of any achievement that requires no action? I bet you can’t! To achieve something, you not only need to be worthy to deserve but you also need to act accordingly. So here comes action!


Any act of yours needs a motivation, something that triggers the course of action. To start to walk, you need to be motivated to walk. To start something new, you need motivation from some source so that you can stick to it for long.


A motivation is born out of inspiration. Someone or something inspires you to take up the path you are walking right now. Inspiration is free of cost. When someone inspires you, that’s when your plan of action starts to build up!


Where does inspiration come from? If everything would have been going as it is, there would be no need of change and therefore no need of any new plan of action. Only when you feel the need for change, inspiration is needed to keep up with the new change. Change triggers the urge in you to find an inspiration so that you can start walking on the new path with a new set of plans.


The need for change comes from an idea – an idea that comes out of nowhere based on a necessity or a purpose. When something bothers you and you feel that things must have been a little different, then a new idea jumps in!


Idea comes with a purpose and from a purpose – purpose that tells you the significance of your idea and its impact in your life.


A purpose is a result of conscious thoughts repeatedly put into your mind as a result of some necessity. You need something badly and that’s why you made a purpose to achieve that thing.


Where there is necessity, there has to be resources you need to purchase or sell. You need the raw materials to start with – an investment for a new business, savings for buying a new car or new home, debts to pay for your past expenses so that you can start fresh with something new, and so on. So, you need money to start something new.


The whole point behind framing this equation is not to prioritize money above all. What’s above all is an IDEA. Idea comes first, based on some need or necessity. Money comes later when you want to manifest things that you need in your life. Therefore, the order in which the equation progresses has nothing to do with what comes first or what comes last. It just tells that your every value has a purpose. Money is not the basic requirement of giving attention to your purpose, but it certainly is necessary in the end when things need to physically appear or happen in front of you…for you!

Remember, IDEA comes first!

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