A girl I am,
Sweet and little,
Not a tool to be used,
Or a food to nibble,
Cuddle my cheeks,
Not my parts,
Make me laugh,
Don’t give me scars,
I’m a doll, not a toy,
Bring me love, giggles and joy.

Sing me rhymes,
That I understand,
Don’t say words,
That I can’t stand,
Gift me chocolates,
That I like so much,
Bring me candies,
That I can crunch,
Don’t give me food,
Bigger than my mouth,
Don’t make me quiet,
When I urge to shout.

Teach me nice,
Don’t set my price,
Look at my smile,
Not my body agile,
Ask me to sing,
Don’t bite or sting,
Give me a name,
Don’t put me to shame,
Hug me tight when I cry,
Lift me up in the air high,
Buy me some beautiful dresses,
Make me everyone’s little princess.

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