1) “No one knows the key to be happy because no one actually needs it; the door is always open.”

2) “Respect your feelings and know that you deserve each one of them.”

3) “Come to light of knowledge and be ready to wonder at its beauty.”

4) “You can never know what’s coming next for you; so be in the NOW and let the time carry the weight of the worries of your future.”

5) “Learn to accept whatever comes your way; because if you resist the natural order, you are never going to be in order with yourself.”

6) “The way you look at you is the way others look at you.”

7) “The only thing that keeps you aware of your true self is your own reflection in the mirrors of your mind.”

8) “Leave behind the things of the past that bring you down every time you try to remember the moments of joy. Let go of moments which failed to become ‘memories’…!”

9) “Make your beliefs in the way YOU want them to, and not in the way they are meant to be.”

10) “Make your compassion higher than you ego; and you’ll see that the hurdles that blinded your sight are slowly falling down….one by one by one…!”

11) “In the story of your life, there are many characters whose roles are decided on the basis of how they ‘are’ and not by looking at how they ‘behave’….!!”

12) “Impossible things are hard to grasp but easy to handle.”

13) “Don’t crave for living in reality if you run away from the exotic feeling of being loved.”

14) “All those cuts and bruises can’t teach you anything; it’s only the pain that makes you realize the severity of the mistake you have committed and makes you aware of the will power that you need in order to learn from it.”

15) “The dark side of the moon is more beautiful than the brighter side; because it’s more interesting to bring out the beauty out of something rather than just watching and admiring that already exists.”

16) “Days are all the same; it’s just the intensity of light that differs from day to day. Sometimes it’s too high to ignore, sometimes it’s too low to resist and sometimes it’s just good enough to live it to the fullest.”

17) “A decision once made is never wasted. You should remember that you reached a conclusion after going through a lot of thought process which requires a lot of energy. So, in a way, you didn’t waste anything; you just forgot how you reached there.”

18) “Be confused but never be static.”

19) “A fan never generates the air it supplies, it simply ‘directs’ it towards us by pushing it in the right direction. The things we need to realize and hence ‘give’ to others already exist; we just need to ‘push’ it in the right direction.”

20) “What’s real is not seen with the lenses of mind, it’s realized by the vibrations of the soul.”

©Varun K. Sharma

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