Long have I been waiting,For that perfect moment,When regret is cast away,Left alone in torment,The sand in this hourglass,Is reflecting an illusion,The heap stays the same,What is this confusion?My worries keep piling,One above the other,I'm now concerned for things,That didn't earlier bother,A bright dot appears,It's coming towards me,Unknown, but comforting,Like it's gonna set me free,My … Continue reading Awaited


From under the door I could see, Through a line of light, Something that could not be, A real world's sensible sight. What I saw was a tree, Probably growing upside down, Because left and right my eyes were free, What's up and down was never found, I could only see its dark brown trunk, … Continue reading FROM UNDER THE DOOR


When the sun rises up and you are awake, Take a fresh breath and have a coffee break; When you are busy and work overnight late, Make out your time and have a coffee break; When life becomes boring and your mood needs a shake, Bring up a smile and have a coffee break; When … Continue reading HAVE A COFFEE BREAK!