“I’m going through worse, and there’s no one by my side whom I can trust, whom I can tell everything I have been through, who can support me at this critical point of my life.”

Do these lines look familiar to you? Have you been through such a situation when you feel you are all alone and there’s no one to listen to you or understand you? What do you do then? Do you regret? Do you move yourself in a state of depression? Do you start smoking or drinking? Do you blame yourself for knowing the consequences and still getting into the situation? Do you blame others for not understanding you? If so, then you need to do one thing that can solve your problems – SPEAK. You need to speak out your heart, not to just anyone, but only to those who value your emotions more than your words.

The most common mistake that people make is forming a belief that their faith in people they love will always bring them good results, even if they don’t share a single word out of the whole story that keeps playing in their minds. Tell me, what is the most common way of expressing yourself? Speaking, writing, gestures, body language, expressions; well, there are many, but according to me, the most common and the most efficient way of expressing yourself is by speaking it out. Just say what’s going inside your mind. It’s really that simple; and if you learn to develop this ability of sharing your mind with someone who understands the value of your emotions, you can solve almost every problem of yours! You can’t expect others to understand you if you are not expressing yourself. Not everyone can read minds, isn’t it? So, you have to be open so as to express yourself to the ones you trust.

I hear many people saying “some words are better left unsaid”. If this is what you believe, then you should not expect others to understand you when you need them to. Because if you do, then you will end up hurting yourself and there’s no one to blame but you. Stop expecting, start sharing. It’s true that we all have secrets, and we want them to be safe with us, and there’s no problem in keeping secrets or sharing them with only a few. But, if those secrets make your life miserable, selfish, sad, imbalanced, disturbed or in any way, negative, then it’s time that you should speak them out. The communication gap between people leads them to isolation, not self-dependence. I believe one should be self-dependent as well as independent in his ideas and beliefs. Whatever decision you make, it’s always right if you believe it to be right. What others think, should not bother you in any way! And if you want that your actions must not bother anyone else too, then you need to speak out those unsaid words because it clears many doubts and misunderstandings. Doesn’t matter how worse you do it, just do it, speak it out; because if you don’t speak now, you will regret about it later.

One of the best qualities of a human being is that he is social. And being social means he can only survive if he shares his life with  others. We can’t live alone forever; we have to share our thoughts, ideas and beliefs with others in order to survive, adapt and evolve into a better human being. It is the collective consciousness that blows life inside every creature of this universe. Being isolated and separated forever won’t lead us anywhere.


Let them flow through any possible medium or expression. You don’t need to learn any language to express yourself; you just need the courage to bring out the original side of yours! And people, who will accept you in this shape of yours, those will be the ones who will stand beside you, walk with you and lift you up when you are down. In life, if you keep blaming others for not understanding you in the way you expect them to, then you have to keep in mind “stop expecting, start sharing”. And I can guarantee you that if it is the right person you are sharing your life with, then most of the worldly problems that you face almost every day will be reduced almost instantly.

Remember, you need no skills to express yourself, you just need to listen to your free will and find the courage to present your original self in front of those, who really wish to see that ‘real’ side of yours!

©Varun K. Sharma

3 thoughts on “BE OPEN, LET THE WORDS FLOW!!!

  1. I agree with you hundred percent. Unless we share how our well wishers know our grief. what is prayer or praying? its sharing your reliefs n griefs with almighty Allah, Lord, or God,Bhagwan, what name one likes to give to the Creator. so humans well wishers and friends are His reflection. One must share and others must take care of the ailing. thank you friend for reminding

  2. You are right, but only to a certain extent. I feel that those who know us well, have been with us through our ups and downs will definitely recognize the unspoken words. Sometimes we are too vexed to even speak or relate properly. We can not really line up our thoughts and emotions. During such moments, the ones who know us genuinely, will help us even if we can not speak out. Think of it- there are moments when don’t want to speak at all! 😀 So?
    Anyways, ignore my rantings! It’s a nice piece with regard to certain points. 🙂

  3. whenever i m down , i read this , i don’t know why, i don’t what it gives me , but suddenly i feel that yes i can covert my thoughts into words , yes i can tell some one , whats in my mind

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