It was an unusual day in the mid of May,
When I found myself out of the way,
I cried out loud with all my rage,
It felt as if I was sitting in a cage.

I closed my eyes to control my anger,
To relieve myself of burning temper,
Then I went so deep like I was trapped in amber,
I had weird dreams I hardly remember.

Among these dreams, there was one,
That I remember so clear and seemed like real one,
I was walking alone in a crowded street,
I could hear the voices but couldn’t feel my feet.

I followed the voices echoing in my head,
Thinking they were coming from the other end,
Following the voices I reached a cross road,
Where I found no man, no mark, no sign board.

I was lost and alone in the middle of nowhere,
But I heard the voices, now loud and clear,
Then what I saw was completely strange,
It was me standing over the top of a hill range.

It was me yelling out my name out loud,
It was me who was guiding myself through the crowd,
It was me in everyone that were in the crowd out there,
It was my instinct, and my own self out of despair.

Throughout this path, I was my own guide,
There was no food, no shelter, no ride,
Then I woke up in the mid of September,
And I had a walk, A Walk to Remember…..

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